The vanishing of Ethan Carter

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I’ve just spent the last 5 hours playing an adventure game called The vanishing of Ethan Carter. It started out with my younger brother starting the game on his PC as I walked into the room. I asked him if I could try it a little and I got hooked. The next few hours I played the game to the end.

The vanishing of Ethan Carter is an adventure game that is horror-themed (thus my interest in it :D ). You play as a supernatural detective that has to piece clues together to find Ethan, a young boy who likes to write stories. There are a few fun murder mysteries along the way that requires solving in order to progress.

One really cool puzzle in the game randomly shuffles the rooms in a house and then the game requires you to figure out the right location of each room. It was pretty fun to solve. The ending of the game was kinda “meh”, but at least the game was pretty fun! I would definitely recommend it! /bye

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