Back in the North West

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I have been away from my usual habitat for a week. I went to visit my family in the Free State. I got back yesterday and was met with a blazing hot sun on our return. Potchefstroom is really hot! This means I'll be having plenty of ice cream for the next few days.

What I've been up to

Multiplayer games

At home I spent some time gaming on PC with my two brothers. We played Don't Starve Together on LAN and it was pretty fun! We also managed to play some Counter Strike GO to see how we ranked against each other. I started off pretty well, but unfortunately (for me) my brothers are insanely good at CS:GO. /XD

Horror game: Outlast Whistleblower

So I got this highly acclaimed horror game called Outlast Whistleblower. You play as a reporter who gets to visit an asylum where a bunch of weirdness is happening. You cannot fight, but only run, hide and capture video with your camcorder. I like this game, but haven't yet finished it. It is as scary as it gets IMO. /nobigdeal

Bunch of other stuff

I got my hair cut. I watched The Big Bang Theory. I worked a little on a project that I'm doing. I talked to people IRL (I know, right?!). :)

There you have it - a quick update on my life. Hopefully we'll get rain here soon! /bye

JSYK: I shot the post image with my Nikon DSLR.

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