Gaming Stream Recruitment

If you have reached this page, you are probably interested in gaming with me live on my YouTube stream, Gabriel LVL. Awesome! I am currently recruiting for a number games! Let me first tell you why I am recruiting.

Why I am recruiting gamers

I play a variety of games online, mostly MOBAs. I do both serious ranked matches and casual quick matches. I am looking for people that play the games I do, are cool with letting me stream our matches online and play with different levels of seriousness. I also play at many different times which may not be possible for everyone. That is why I am looking for gamers who can play different games at different times with me. 

What you need to join

A decent internet connection and a fun attitude. That is it! Sure, if you have a webcam and/or don't mind chatting in-game it will be awesome, but it is in no way a requirement. If you would like to do voice chat, I use Curse Voice (the app), Discord and Team Speak 3 mostly.

Games I am recruiting for currently

  • Heroes of the Storm - NA (ranked and casual)
  • League of Legends - EU (casual)
  • Smite - EU (casual)

How can you sign up?

Easy! Send me a message with the form below. Remember to mention what games you are interested in and we can continue a discussion by email.

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