Another awesome vocalist: Laura Brehm

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Laura Brehm vocalist

I have recently discovered Laura Brehm on YouTube. Actually, I've heard her a number of times before in dubstep mixes, but only quite recently got to put a name to the female vocalist. I was really excited when I saw that she had an LP album from 2010 and a new album "Future Holds".

The song below (Fall in Love) is one of my favourites that is on Laura's LP from 2010. It has a very chilled vibe and is totally in the range of music that I enjoy. Her incredible voice is absolutely beautiful in this track (you know it is good when I use incredible, absolutely and beautiful in the same sentence ;) ).

About Laura Brehm

Laura is an american songwriter/vocalist from Denver, Colorado. She was born on 19 August, 1990 ( for the sake of completeness :) ). She started singing from a young age and must have experimented a lot with electronic music from what I'm guessing. She features in quite a range of different music genres, but mostly electronic (folk, acoustic and orchestral).

Music by Laura

Laura has done a number of awesome collaborations with other artists. One of my favorites is a drumstep song with Rogue, called Dreams. You can listen to it on YouTube here. Some of her latest Folk Electronica songs include:
Definitely check her out on SoundCloud! /bye

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