Speed drawing and pondering

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Quick drawing: Elana Gilbert / Nina Dobrev

Last night while the wind was blowing heavily outside and rain was creeping up on the city, I decided to make coffee and draw something. I felt a bit lazy so decided to just use normal A4 printing paper. I had a quick look through some reference photos that I keep on my laptop and then jumped right into drawing. It was a fun drawing! :)

The weekend that was

A number of interesting things happened this weekend. Saturday morning I had the task of impersonating my younger brother at a function. The awkward part was that I had to introduce myself to so many people! I will think twice before I do that again. Hopefully they don't read my blog... /XD

Saturday night I hung out with my brother and his friends. Most of them are actuarial science students, so the conversations were great! And of course the Japanese rugby team won the Springboks! How cool is that?! I don't dislike the Springboks, but I really like unexpected events. Apparently only 0.2% of SuperBru players got that one right! /:)

The week to come

We have a public holiday on Thursday (24 September) in South Africa. It is titled "Heritage Day". Frankly, I don't care what the holiday is actually about. The good part is that it allows me to have a long weekend if I can manage to slip away on Friday. I'm going to do just that... /nobigdeal 

I plan on going home for the weekend and spend some time with my family, I haven't seen them in ages. Now to get back to my code...

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