Renault Captur: I like it!

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Renault Captur - blue

A few days ago, as I was making my way to campus, I passed a new Renault Captur. It totally caught my eye. Usually I don't take much notice of car models, but this in an exception. I immediately liked the design so much that I later just had to look it up online.

The Captur is a compact SUV that features a stylish sporty design. I'm not a "petrol head" at all, so I don't read car magazines or even watch Top Gear (does it still exist?). Futhermore I can think of only one person in my family who drives a Renualt, so there is no bias in me liking the Captur.

I found a really cool feature on Renault's website. You can select a car model and then personalize it to your liking. You get to view to exterior model in 360 degrees as well as the interior. Anyway, here is my design of the Captur: Link.

What I like about the Renault Captur

  • Design - I love the look, but almost exclusively the blue/silver color scheme. Looks ain't everything, but it is surely very important! :)
  • Interior detail - From the photos that I've seen, it is very neatly laid out on the inside with many practical features for a day-to-day car.
  • Modular layout - The interior space can be adjusted with a sliding 3-seater in the rear that can also be folded down.
  • Economical - It has an ECO mode to improve fuel comsumption.
  • Renault R-Link - Nice mutltimedia integration features.
  • Relatively cheap - Pricing starts at around $ 22,000
  • It has pretty much all the features you'd expect from good modern cars.
I am actually quite tempted to book a test drive. Maybe I should get one next year! /hmm

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