A quick gloomy drawing

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Gloomy drawing of house and girl

I decided to do a type of scenery drawing this morning before heading off to university. I wanted to go into something a little darker, but halfway through the drawing I decided to move into another direction. It could have been a scary scene with a spooky house and a strange girl with perhaps some graves scattered around, but I decided to just create  kind of gloomy atmosphere.

Some thoughts about the drawing

I realized that I'm actually crappy at drawing houses! Some parts of the house are quite wrong. I didn't even try to cover up the mistakes... /nobigdeal

In front of the house there is this kind of weird thing sticking out of the ground. I never really decided whether it should be a boulder or a gravestone. Now it is pretty much nothing. /XD

The weird bushes in front of the house came out okay I guess, but I have no idea what they actually are. I just messed around with my pencil to create the impression of some leafy bushes. The grass was done very poorly. Perhaps the entire scene should have been grassy?

Maybe I have bashed this drawing enough now? My parents are coming to visit today, so I won't be playing Heroes of the Storm tonight. That is all for this post. /bye

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