Another great composer: Dexter Britain

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Dexter Britain - Having Run (Space image)

I have recently been introduced to Dexter Britain, a soundtrack composer from the UK by one of my friends. I was surprised to learn that Dexter is only 26 years old after hearing some of his compositions. Dexter has composed a song called Having Run which I have shared in this post.  

According to Dexter this track is all about what happens when you have succeeded in the goal of starting a new life. The excitement, relief, and thrill. All entwined in the ongoing hard work and forever changing ideas but never faltering determination for a great life. :)

Anyway, the friend who introduced me to Dexter is the writer (and blogger) Pertus Kruger. Check out his blog if you enjoy reading short stories!

And of course check out Dexter's soundcloud!  /bye

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