Some thoughts and a 10 minute drawing

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Very quick drawing

It's been a while since my last post. I haven't drawn much during the past couple of days and have been spending a lot of time implementing a variety of econometric models for quantitative trading research that I'm doing. So I did a very quick drawing (maybe took me 10 minutes) this morning of a face that I decided to post on my blog even though it is really just some messy lines. 

Things happening in real life

December is here

So we have finally arrived at the last month of the year. Everyone seems to be getting ready for Christmas and vacation. The stock markets aren't doing particularly well, which is a little different than usual for the last part of the year. I expect some bullish (upwards) movements soon though. /nobigdeal

New Hitman film

My brothers and I decided to watch the new Hitman movie tonight. I thought it was much better than the previous film. It was actually quite decent and something I would definitely recommend to those who enjoy action films. :)

Taking a break from HotS

I've been playing Heroes of the Storm with some Twitch streamers for a while now. I really love that game. Everyone seems to be playing the new Cho'Gall character now which is a little irritating though. I won't be playing HotS for the next few weeks as I will be focusing on more serious things. Not that online gaming isn't a serious thing. /hmm

Exercising thoughts

I have been totally skipping on exercising the past few months. So I plan on running again every morning. The hardest part is making it become a habit again I'm sure.  

I'm hoping that December will have some interesting happenings. That's all for this post though. /bye

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