Drawing with a PC mouse

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So after a little bit of working today, I decided to draw something while I was sitting in front of my laptop. I decided to draw with my little Logitech M325 mouse. Of course I did not expect anything too good, so I just kept things simple.

Drawing thoughts

What I really enjoy about digital art is that creating vibrant color effects are easy. I used Adobe Photoshop CC to draw so I could use layers, loads of different brushes and some filters. Anyway, the drawing started out as a girl doing some kind of face-palm pose. Then I turned her into a type of angel-like woman by giving her wings. I played around with the background for some time, but then set on creating a type of space atmosphere. :)

I haven't picked up a graphics tablet yet, but I'm looking forward to doing more digital art soon. Think I'll watch some Psych now before going to bed. /bye

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