Some toony drawings

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Drawing of cartoon characters

For some reason I always like to draw on Thursday nights or Friday mornings. Anyway, I decided to do some toony drawings today. I thought that I would try a few different cartoon styles and see how it goes. It came out okay I guess. It was definitely fun drawing the characters!

Some thoughts about the drawing

I started off with the girl holding her hat on the right of the page. I drew it a little bigger than the others for no reason really. The nose looks a bit strange, but the idea is there - some kind of country girl. She might be standing in a field or in a garden. Next I drew the character at the top of the page. It reminds me of the older Disney kind of cartoon characters. /hmm

I then drew the little girl who is sitting on the rock. If you've played Don't Starve before, the character might appear very familiar. Finally I drew the woman spilling her wine. She has probably had too much to drink and now has trouble keeping on her feet - thus the strange stance. /blur

So it is around 1:00 AM here and I better be off to bed. /bye

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