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Veela artist/vocalist

I have recently discovered an artist on YouTube who calls herself Veela. Aside from her great voice and purple hair, I like that she mostly features in gloomy, somewhat sad songs. Her songs usually contain an aspect of storytelling from what I can tell.

Her music is not really mainstream, but if you are like me and enjoy chillstep/dubstep/electronic, you will most definitely enjoy her music. She has a great vocal range and her voice really cuts through on high notes.

Many of her songs contains aspects of video games, sci-fi characters and the likes. This probably makes her name suit her music style well, as Veela are mythical supernatural beings from Slavic folklore (you should know this if you've watched Harry Potter). /hmm 

I did a little bit of digging and have discovered that her real name is Victoria Burnett and that she is from Canada. She seems like a really nice person and does the occasional vlog on YouTube to interact with people who listen to her music. It also turns out that she is an avid cosplayer! :) 

Lastly, what I find really cool about her is that a lot of her music is released as free downloads! No reason not to check it out! Below is one of her free songs that should remind you of Bioshock

You can find her on SoundCloud, YouTube and her website. /bye

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