Maybe it is time to buy a graphics tablet!

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Graphics tablet - wacom or huion

Last night I had a quick look through some old downloads that I had on my computer. I discovered a video by Feng Zhu where he did some quick landscape designs for an old PlayStation game called Chrono Cross. His paintings are really good and made me think of getting more into digital art.

I am comfortable enough with traditional sketching (pencil + paper) to think that I shouldn't have issues with drawing digitally. I have played around with a few Wacom Intuos tablets before, but have never done anything serious. So I am considering to buy a new graphics (drawing) tablet! :)

The two most prominent brands for digital drawing that I know of are Wacom and Huion. Wacom is an expensive and higher-end brand that focuses on professionals (or hobbyists willing to spend a small fortune). On the other hand, Huion is a Chinese company that offers good technology for a fraction of the price that Wacom does.

I don't really have a budget. but would like to spend below $300. Basically this means I can purchase any Huion graphics tablet, but only some Wacom tablets. I should be able to get a tablet with at least 5080 LPI (lines per inch), 2048 pressure levels and an active drawing area of at least 8" x 5".

I guess it is time to shop around and see what product has a good value-for-money ratio... 

Check out Feng Zhu's blog here!

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