Drawing a magician girl

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Drawing a magician girl - All

Yesterday I decided to quickly draw a magician girl while taking a break. In this post I will share some pictures of how it progressed and tell a little bit of what I was trying to achieve. It is not a realistic or accurate drawing, but it was fun to do.

Step 1: Draw a face with some expression

I started off with a generic face. The idea was to create an expression that looked as if the magician girl was casting a spell or perhaps shouting something. It kinda looks like she is just gasping for air, but whatever... /nobigdeal

Drawing a magician girl - 1

Step 2: Draw some magician features

I'd guess that magicians would typically wear hoodies or some kind of strange hat. I decided to go with a hoodie and roughly outlined where I think the hoodie should be. I drew some hair to make her look a little less weird. I also started playing with the idea of the magician girl holding a staff (bottom left corner).

Drawing a magician girl - 2

Step 3: Draw a staff and some armor

I drew some armor that is probably a little bit to big, but who cares? I also added an (ugly looking) staff. At this point the drawing looks kinda bad, but I thought that I could just fix it later.

Drawing a magician girl - 3

Step 4: Get her face to look less weird and more human

This was the first part of adding detail to the sketch - especially eyebrows. I shaded her face a tiny bit, colored her hair and outlined the overall drawing. :)

Drawing a magician girl - 4

Step 5: Improve by shading and adding details

In step 4 her face was already looking better. The same approach from step 4 was followed to add detail to her armor, staff and of course her hoodie, I drew strange symbols on her hoodie to create the impression of mysticism.

Drawing a magician girl - 5

So yeah, that was the process. I only used 0.5 mm pencil lead (as always). Hope you had fun looking at the progression of the drawing! /bye

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