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Face drawing - All steps

I followed my normal Friday routine once again and drew a face this morning. In this post I will quickly share my progress and thoughts as I was drawing. First of all, this was a quick drawing by any standard so there are a few mistakes hidden away in the drawing. I took a few shortcuts, so parts that could have looked more realistic are a little bit more cartoon-ish.

Step 1: Rough outline

To start off, I just needed to get the main idea on paper. I roughly outlined the general idea of the face with some apparent mistakes. I have erased my planning lines before I took the picture, so I cannot share it this time. No detail has been added to the eyes, hair or mouth (except for the teeth that looks a bit awkward at this point). /blush

Face drawing - Step 1

Step 2: Give the face some life

In step 1, the face still looked quite blank. I added some detail to the eyes and mouth and also darkened the eyebrows and features of the nose. :)
Face drawing - Step 2

Step 3: Add detail and darken more

I added some lines to the hair to make it seem a bit more real. I drew very roughly so the hair looks a bit hard and weird. I also darkened a few places, but mostly wanted to get the hair in place during this part.

Face drawing - Step 3

Step 4: Time to shade!

I tried to do something to the awkward looking hair. I made some more curvy lines and darkened the original hair. I could probably have created much better looking hair had I used different pencils, but I only use one 0.5 mm pencil for these rough sketches. Anyway, I shaded the face to try and make it appear a bit more realistic. I also darkened the mouth which didn't really add too much. /nobigdeal

Face drawing - Step 4

Well, that was the process. I'm not exactly sure how long it took me, but I had fun doing this one. /bye

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