Another drawing of a face

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Girl face drawing - all

I've just finished roughly drawing a female face. I have taken some snapshots as the drawing progressed to share here along with my thoughts as I drew. It is by no means supposed to be very neat or correct. I however like how it came out considering that I drew very quickly.  

Step 1: Roughly outline the face

I started off getting the general idea on paper. At this point there is nothing detailed, except for the eyebrows which I have already added to give a general idea of the face's expression. The hair looks quite awful here... /XD

Girl face drawing - step 1

Step 2: Refine the drawing a little

I added some lines for the girl's hair. It is very roughly drawn and not darkened as I may change my mind about details later. I also added some detail to the lips and darkened some of the outlines of the drawing. Note that I have drawn the lips very simple. They shouldn't actually appear as outlined as I made them... /nobigdeal 

Girl face drawing - step 2

Step 3: Add detail to make her look alive

At this point it is all about refining and getting her expression to become more visible. The overall hair was darkened (I decided not to change anything). I added some detail to her eyes and then just roughly scratched all over her face to give her some complexity. :)

Girl face drawing - step 3

It was definitely fun drawing this one. Hope you enjoyed seeing the progression. /bye

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