Working around the world as a digital nomad!

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Living as a digital nomad

Imagine working as you travel from country to country or cafe to cafe. In fact, it seems that quite a number of people are actually living this way, hence the term "Digital Nomad".

Digital Nomads can be anything from freelance writers, artists entrepreneurs, financial traders and more. All of these require only a computer and good internet connection to function. Think about it. You can see the world and experience new things all while working.

A friend introduced me to a website called NomadList, which ranks cities around the world according to certain criteria such as internet speed, temperature, cost, safety, clean air, fun, and friendliness. While writing this post, I quickly did a search on the site for what I currently feel like wanting from my surroundings. I ranked the cities according to:
  • Cheap living costs (< $1500 per month)
  • Fast internet (> 20mbps)
  • Mild temperature (between 16 and 23 degrees Celsius - still a bit cold for me, but yeah...)
  • Clean air
  • Safe (in terms of crime, scams etc)
  • Fun
Here are my top results according to NomadList:

Now I wouldn't really want to live in Russia, but apparently Yekaterinburg (what a name!) is not such a bad place. If I ignore the weather part a little, the best cities are in Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

I guess the digital nomad lifestyle is easier to think about than actually doing, but for those who don't want to stay cooped up for too long at one place - the digital nomad lifestyle might be the answer. Personally, I find the idea quite compelling. Maybe I should try it when I'm done with my master's degree...

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