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>One of the few apartments that I kinda liked<
I've been living in a decent apartment very close the North-West university for the past 4.5 years. I've never really considered moving, but two weeks ago I thought that I'd look at some other places in the area. I am going to share some of my apartment hunting experiences in this post.

Problem 1: Dealing with real estate agents
So far I've had a very unpleasant experience getting good service from real estate agents. Some just don't return my emails and I've even had a situation where they forgot my appointment! Seriously, they must be really bad at their work. A few days ago I wanted to check out an apartment that a real estate agency was advertising. When I arrived for my appointment, they suddenly realized that the place had been rented out weeks ago. So yeah, real estate people around Potchefstroom are kinda suckish from what I've experienced!

Problem 2: Getting a spacious apartment
It has been surprisingly hard to find a large apartment near campus. I'm particularly picky about having a large bedroom and a fair amount of living space. Most of the new places that I've been to have tiny rooms and don't really offer anything more than my current place. I guess real estate people try to fit as many living units into one piece of land as possible. 

Problem 3: Many agents expect me to move in immediately
Like most other people, my apartment renting contract lasts 12 months (January to December). Quite a number of real estate agents expect me to move into a new apartment immediately. This would not have been too strange, but all of the places that I've looked into are exclusively for students. What student would like to move into a new place in the middle of the semester? Sure there might be a few strange cases, but I don't get why they don't just let me sign a contract now to ensure that they have a tenant for next year. I bet most (if not all) of these places won't have any tenants until January anyway,

Anyway, I have yet to find an apartment that beats my current place in terms of size and location for what I would like to pay monthly.  

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