A few untrue things and 8 ways to catch a cold

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The right path and a few untrue things

As I surfed the web today, I came to realize that much of what we assume to be true is actually not. I don't mean this in a paranoid way, but to some extent we are being lied to in many places. I thought I'd write about some of these things in this post.

Photographs in magazines

This is an easy one that you might have caught on to a long time ago. Most of the photos of people you see in magazines have been retouched ("photoshopped").

Photoshop celebrity

You don't only use 10% of your brain 
Human brain

It is true that there is much of the human brain that we don't know yet. What is sure, is that you use the entire thing. Have you ever heard of a brain tumor that was found in a part of the brain that was not being used? Exactly! Although we don't use our entire brain every second, we do use all of it in a couple of days.

Hair and fingernails don't grow after death

So many people will tell you that it is true for a fact that your hair and fingernails will grow after death. We never have a shortage of experts in the word (or maybe people just like fooling others). For any growth to take place after death, something will have to be alive and nutrients would still have to be digested. Unfortunately when you die, you are dead.... that means all of you.

Going out with wet hair won't make you catch a cold

There has been no scientific proof that wet hair has anything to do with catching a cold. What does make you catch it, is a virus. Being in a low temperature surrounding just makes you more susceptible to the virus. Your hair doesn't really do much else than being wet.

Wet hair does not give you a coldInstead of trying not to catch a cold, what if we wanted to? Actually there are a few proven ways to get it:
  1. Catch the stuff people sneeze
  2. Touch everything and never wash your hands
  3. Stick your nose our
  4. Walk barefoot in the cold 
  5. Hang out in the city
  6. Stress out
  7. Stop aging
  8. Be human 
It's that easy!!

Bats are not blind

Although they don't have color vision, they still can see pretty well. In fact, they can see much better than humans in the dark. 
Bats are not blind
There you have it! Some things that you might have thought was true, but is not.

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