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You should be a gamer

I have recently rediscovered that one of the best ways to spend time with my friends is to game with them. Some might say that playing multiplayer games is not spending quality time with other human beings, but I think that is a very uninformed statement.

When I was young (a few million years ago), one of the most fun things that we had to do at home was play PC games together. There were few other activities as enjoyable as "LANning". There were not many co-op games available at that time, but some multiplayer games like Unreal Tournament, Warcraft  and Titan Quest were very addictive.

So last weekend I invited some of my friends over for a LAN. We played Call of Duty: World at War and Left4Dead 2 mostly. It was totally epic! You get to yell at each other, come up with weird strategies and put your reflexes to the test.

Gaming is a great way to spend time with your fellow human beings. It is also a great way of getting some value out of your gaming laptop that you bought about a year ago and never really started using for actual gaming...  

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