Some thoughts (and a drawing)

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Drawing of Hayden Panettiere

Last night I had some time to kill after programming for a bit. I decided to do a simple sketch. With my last two sketches I focused on speeding up my drawing process, even if it would lead to more inaccuracies and perhaps less detail.

Taking a look at the news

I opened the MSN news application this morning to find only the usual load of negative articles. The media is full of drama like always - that is why I usually ignore it. Small things that I would deem insignificant (like one man mockingly name-calling another) are made headlines. The media also seem to focus on publishing tweets nowadays. Obviously a lot of rude things can be found on Twitter. /nobigdeal

Just the other day, ANN7 made headlines about the tweet of some bird woman in the Natal (apparently she said something rude). The next day when I switched to the channel, the news reporter said "even more comments have been made on Twitter about the tweet by the bird woman"... I mean seriously? Was it not expected that people would comment? =D>

Like the old saying goes: no news is good news. Have a great day! /bye 

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