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Sketch of Nina Dobrev

I have a fair number of "artsy" friends. Some of them are really good at drawing and just by having observed some of their creations, I have been inspired to also try my luck at pencil sketches (or "graphite" sketches, which just sounds more intense).

I started out drawing anime characters in school. Pretty much all of my classmates did it at some point during our teen years. It was quite common to see people drawing Dragonball (Z) characters like Goku, Gohan and Vegeta. It was always interesting to see how everyone had a different "touch". You could easily tell who drew something by looking at the way the shading and lining were done.

Recently I have discovered that I enjoy drawing faces, I'm not really sure why though. It might be the emotive factor (faces usually depict some form of emotion unless it's Kristen Stewart) or perhaps it is just overall very common for people to draw faces. 

I think drawing is pretty fun and often rewarding when people are in awe of your creations. I cannot say that I have experienced the latter much, but I've had the odd occasion of people telling me that I'm good and then asking me to draw them. It usually results in me steering the conversation in a different direction. Why? Drawing a photo-realistic face is hard and time-consuming! I've never tried my hand at it, but my friends take up to 20-30 hours to achieve near-photo-realism. I prefer just drawing a toony version of something, otherwise why not just take a picture and gray-scale it? Yeah, there is the sentiment, but seriously I find it unpractical. 

Anyway, I hope to share some of my creations on my blog in the coming time. If you were wondering, the image above is a drawing (of an actress) that I did a few weeks ago. If you can guess who it is supposed to be, I will be very surprised! 

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