I blog therefore I am...

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I've just created my blog! Everything is finally set up and tweaked the way I like it. So yeah, I guess this calls for somewhat of an introduction.

My name is Gabriel. I am a postgraduate engineering student at the North-West University (Potchefstroom campus). I have taken up blogging for a number of reasons that I will share in this first post.

First off, this blog is to serve as a sort of online diary for me. What is more fun than sharing your thoughts with a bunch of strangers, right? More seriously, I find that putting my thoughts in writing often makes things a lot clearer to me. I hope that my posts will be both valuable to the future me and my readers (people like you who might have stumbled upon this post).

The second reason why I have decided to take up blogging is to connect with like-minded individuals. I hope to share some ideas (and opinions) and perhaps also obtain some.

The final reason is to just have fun! I hope you enjoy my blog!  

Gabriel Visagie

Guild Master

Postgraduate engineering student, blogger, photography enthusiast and wannabe artist. Eats gummy bears by tearing them limb from limb.


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