GabrielVirus on League of Legends #1

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GabrielVirus winning streak on LoL EUW

Today I had a nice amount of wins. Before today I have been on a bit of a losing streak on League of Legends EUW. I think RIOT might just have been secretly picking on me by putting me in bad match-ups, but I managed to get out of it. Well, I did this by just by doing blind pick in stead of draft pick. In this post I will share some thoughts on LoL and my game play.

First of all, I play as GabrielVirus on EUW. You are welcome to add me as a friend if you'd like  :). I have decided to blog a little about the game as I am making my way up the ladder in competitive play. /nobigdeal

I am currently kind of a support main, but it seems that I am transitioning to bottom ADC. I am considering to start playing it more often since it allows for much better carrying in the late game in comparison to playing support. What I mean by this is that ADC champions are much stronger in the late game usually and that you have more of a visible impact. I still love playing support, but we'll see what happens.

Anyway, I find that blind pick is better to play than draft pick nowadays. At least if you want to win more. It might be very situational for me, but lately I am receiving the worst team members when doing solo queue draft. /hmm

I'll be posting more on LoL soon and will start streaming my games again on my YouTube channel in July. /bye  

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